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Educatodos Caliche

Educatodos Caliche

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Submitted: February 2019

Solicitor: Patronato (Community Council)

Location: San Luis Calichito, Santa Cruz de Yojoa, Cortes, Honduras

Project Justification: the young people of Caliche are motivated to study and to continue their education through the 9th grade, but they lack the necessary resources to accomplish these goals on their own

General Objective: to improve the lives of people in the community through education, and through the impartation of moral and spiritual values to help the students gain the capacity to realize their goals and to contribute to the development of the community

Supervisor’s Note: Pastora Jesus, the pastor of the local church, will provide weekly talks for the students on moral and spiritual/biblical values. The students will receive this formational experience in addition to their academic work through the Educatodos program and curriculum.

Beneficiaries: 39 students and their families


The local church will provide spiritual formation training valued at 6.92% of total project resources

Beneficiary students/families will provide backpacks and the teacher’s stipend (48.9% of project resources)

Heart to Honduras collaborators are invited to contribute toward the purchase of books, school supplies, transportation to collect the books, and uniform shirts (44.18% of the total project resources)

Total requested from outside donor: $3,666.