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Training for Healthcare Providers

Training for Healthcare Providers

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Date submitted: March 2019

Solicitor: Corazon Para Honduras

Location: Santa Elena, Santa Cruz de Yojoa, Cortes, Honduras

Project justification: Many small or rural communities have modest dispensaries and/or mini clinics where residents can go to receive very basic healthcare advice, treatment, and some medications. These sites are staffed mostly by volunteers, members of the community who have some knowledge or training, and who want to serve their community. These volunteer providers are in need of ongoing training and education in order to better serve and meet the needs of their communities.

Supervisor’s Note: The mayor of Santa Cruz de Yojoa (the large municipality within which our CPH office and Camp is located) began a healthcare initiative in 2018 designed to assess the healthcare needs and the available resources within the municipality and to develop a plan for better coordinating the delivery of healthcare to the approximately 90,000 residents of the municipality. The communities identified in this solicitation, and the expressed needs for training came from some initial assessment undertaken by a Honduran doctor last year.

Description: Healthcare professionals who are part of visiting medical teams can help to equip local providers by offering training on solicited topics. Corazon Para Honduras is prepared to host workshops at our Santa Elena campus and invite regional healthcare providers to a training session. The following topics were identified by local providers as areas of particular need:

  1. How to clean and dress a wound.
  2. How to stop bleeding.
  3. How to suture a wound.
  4. How to evaluate an illness.
  5. What to do when someone has been burned and how to best care for the burn.
  6. What to do when someone has been bitten or stung (dog, snake, poisonous insect, etc).
  7. What to do when someone has a broken bone.
  8. How to splint a sprain or break.
  9. What to do when someone is unconscious due to having ingested a poison, or is intoxicated.

We invite our visiting medical teams to design and present workshops to address these topics. The participants would gratefully receive print materials or other resources that might accompany your presentation. Note that a translator will assist you in your verbal presentation (no knowledge of Spanish is necessary), but any print materials or other resources provided to the participants must be in Spanish. Thank you!

Beneficiaries:   Healthcare providers and residents in 20 communities throughout our region.


The local churches will provide refreshments.

The local government will provide notebooks and pens.

The local communities will provide transportation for participants and refreshments.

Corazon Para Honduras will provide the meeting space (including furnishings, and audio-visual equipment).

HtH collaborators are invited to provide the training materials and facilitators.