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Theological Education for Pastors

Theological Education for Pastors

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Date Submitted: November, 2019

Solicitor: Association of the Churches of the Open Arms

Location: Santa Elena, Santa Cruz de Yojoa, Cortes, Honduras

Project justification: The local pastors in the Association of the Churches of the Open Arms had not previously received formal education to prepare them for ministry. Their prior formation included workshops and seminars on Bible and leadership. This group desires to go deeper in their theological training so that they can grow as pastors and leaders and more effectively teach, preach, and lead their congregations. The pastors are participating in a certificate program at an institute entitled Christian Mission Elim in San Pedro Sula. The beneficiaries listed below completed the first program over a two-year period, graduating in January, 2020 with their certificate (baccalaureate in ministerial theology). They enthusiastically desire to continue in the program, and invite your collaboration. 

The second curriculum includes the following classes: Sects and Religions II, Grammar II, Salvation History III, Hermeneutics II, Church Organization and Administration II, Christology II, Eschatology II, Legal Aspects of the Church, Liturgy, Teaching/Pedagogy for the Church/Pastor. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive their second certificate (professor in ministerial theology). The pastors anticipate investing two more years in their “professorship.”


Edgar Noe Castro Chavarria

Keyla Yakelin Ramirez Maldonado

Gexi Misael Maldonado

Carlos Mario Martinez

Medardo Canales Vasquez

Nahum Canales Hernandez

Melvin Francisco Martinez

Will Fredys Martinez

Alex Adolfo Diaz Saravia

Alex Antonio Diaz Sevillo

Eduar Funez


  • Local Church: meals (13% of required resources)
  • Association of the Open Arms Churches: meals (13% of required resources)
  • Pastors: part of the tuition and meals (7% of required resources)
  • Corazón Para Honduras: part of the tuition (5% of required resources)
  • Outside Collaborator: remaining tuition and transportation (62% of required resources)

Total Amount Requested from Outside Donor: $3,085.71

Note: We will receive donations in full, or in amounts to cover individual participants. Each participant's portion = $280.52

Accountability Statement: The Heart to Honduras Honduran administrative office (CPH) works diligently to avoid paying the 15% Honduran sales tax on materials through a tedious exemption process. The current Honduran taxation system cannot guarantee this exemption prior to any purchase, and as a result this amount is included in the solicited amount listed with collaborative initiatives. If CPH does succeed in procuring an exemption or extra funds remain for any other reason following the execution of an initiative, surplus funds will be applied via internal policy to support future collaborative community initiatives, the administrative work of CPH, and the operational expenses of the Community Development Department.