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Sunday School Classroom
Sunday School Classroom

Sunday School Classroom

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Date submitted: March 2019

Solicitor: Iglesia Brazos Abiertos (Church of the Open Arms), La Cuesta

Location: La Cuesta, San Jeronimo, Comayagua, Honduras

Project justification: The church lacks an adequate, comfortable space in which to conduct their Sunday School program for the children and to provide other classes.  

Description: This project will outfit a room specifically for giving classes. The teachers and children will have a suitable environment to help facilitate learning, and to minimize the distractions of the children during church services. The room can also be used for adult classes and other activities. This space will help the church reach more people and be more effective in their disciple-making efforts.

Supervisor’s Note: the children currently meet in a home for Sunday School. Given the size of the group (30 children), it is not comfortable for them to continue meeting there, nor is it possible to minister to them well in that space.

Beneficiaries: 30 children in the Sunday School program plus the congregation (directly) members of the community (indirectly)


The local church will provide sand and ceramic tile (21% of total resources needed).

The beneficiaries will provide sand and wood (3% of total resources needed).

The local community will provide volunteer labor (5% of total resources needed).

HtH collaborators are invited to provide the remaining construction materials and skilled labor (71% of total resources needed).

Total requested from an outside donor: $2,268.