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School Supplies Santa Rita

School Supplies Santa Rita

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Submitted: November 2018

Solicitor: Iglesia Brazos Abiertos

Location: Col. Gracias a Dios Santa Rita Yoro, Cortes, Honduras

Project Justification: Many families in the community struggle to earn enough money to support themselves, and often lack the necessary economic resources to provide for their children’s education. The young people have the desire to study, but often face difficulties due to their economic situations.

General Objective: to support the education of children in the community for the 2019 school year; to enhance their ability to study and to improve their lives

Beneficiaries: 64 children


The beneficiary families will provide the uniform pants and skirts, and transportation to purchase the school supplies. (18% of total project resources)

The local church will provide notebooks, paints, and crayons. (4% of total project resources)

Heart to Honduras collaborators are invited to contribute toward the purchase of school supplies and the remaining uniform items. (78% of total project resources)

Total requested from an outside donor: $2,383 (supplies for 64 children)

Amount Received: $1800 (48 children)

New Amount Requested: $583 (16 children)