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School Roof - Las Crucitas
School Roof - Las Crucitas
School Roof - Las Crucitas

School Roof - Las Crucitas

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Date Submitted: June, 2019

Solicitors: the Arnold David Sanchez School

Location: Las Crucitas, Santa Cruz de Yojoa, Cortes, Honduras

Project description: The elementary school lacks an enclosed or covered space that serves as an auditorium, or multi-purpose space for the children to recreate and attend activities and functions. This project will construct a roof over an open courtyard on the school property to protect the children from the sun, rain, and other harmful elements. The space will also be utilized by the community-at-large for meetings and other functions. The Parent Association, local community, local church, and municipal government are all highly motivated to collaborate in this initiative.

Beneficiaries: direct beneficiaries: approximately 312 children who attend the school; indirect beneficiaries include approximately 350 persons from the Las Crucitas community who will use the facilities.


  • Local Church: misc. construction materials (1% of needed resources)
  • Municipal Government: sand, gravel, skilled labor, and other materials (38% of needed resources)
  • Parent Association: rebar, wood, volunteer labor (8% of needed resources)
  • Local Community Council (Patronato): nails, wood, misc materials (2% of needed resources)
  • Outside Collaborator: remainder of construction materials, taxes, administrative expenses (51% of needed resources)

  • Note: This initiative represents an exceptional level of local collaboration. We celebrate the grassroots effort involved to raise local resources!

    Total Amount Requested from Outside Donor:     $16,174.88

    Accountability Statement: The Heart to Honduras Honduran administrative office (CPH) works diligently to avoid paying the 15% Honduran sales tax on materials through a tedious exemption process. The current Honduran taxation system cannot guarantee this exemption prior to any purchase, and as a result this amount is included in the solicited amount listed with collaborative initiatives. If CPH does succeed in procuring an exemption or extra funds remain for any other reason following the execution of an initiative, surplus funds will be applied via internal policy to support future collaborative community initiatives, the administrative work of CPH, and the operational expenses of the Community Development Department.