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School Fence in Payacam
School Fence in Payacam

School Fence in Payacam

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Submitted: June 2018
Solicitor: Community Leaders in El Payacam
Location:  El Payacam, Santa Cruz de Yojoa, Cortes, Honduras

Project Justification: When the school in El Payacam was built in 2001, it was left without a wall around its schoolyard. This is a great concern to the parents and community. They want to provide a safe place for their children to study and play. Without a protective wall, children are less safe during the day, and the buildings are vulnerable to vandalism at night.

The students, their parents, and the community have been working to build a wall, but frequently find themselves without the necessary funds to continue. For that reason, they have approached Heart to Honduras and the local government to finish this concrete block security wall.

Beneficiaries: the 125 children who attend the school, plus their families and others who utilize the building for events and activities.


  • The municipal government will provide half of the blocks needed for the wall and all of the sand (13% of resources)
  • The local community will provide all of the stone for the foundation and a portion of the mason’s payment (7% of resources)
  • The parent’s association will provide payment for the mason to build the wall (45% of resources)
  • An HTH Collaborator is requested to provide funds for the purchase of concrete blocks, cement, rebar and other construction materials (35% of resources).
  •  Supervisor's Note: Since this project was originally solicited and placed on line, the local community has been working hard to progress in the work themselves, utilizing local resources. The project was re-quoted in March, 2019, and the price adjusted accordingly. The amount requested below is current as of March 21, 2019.

    Total Amount Requested from an Outside Donor:  $1381.00