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Roof Improvements - Pastoral Home
Roof Improvements - Pastoral Home

Roof Improvements - Pastoral Home

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Project: Pastoral Home Improvement

Submitted: November 2016

Solicitor: Jose Martir Gamez (Local Church of B.P.A.R)

Location: El Sitio, San Antonio, Cortes

Project Justification:

We need this project because the roof we have right now is in very bad condition. It is a danger for me and my family, especially to our health and safety. The roof of the house is in such bad conditions that when it rains, water comes in through it. This project will greatly improve our current living conditions, and I know that God is faithful to His children. Collectively our family earns approximately $200/month, and it is difficult for us to afford projects such as this one.


Pastoral Family: Local pastor Martir Gomez (65), his wife Bertila (66), and son Fredy (32), and extended family and friends.


  1. The pastoral family will provide assistant’s labor to the metal worker (20%).
  2. The local church will provide electrodes for the welding labor (2%).
  3. Funds for the purchase of metal c-channels, roofing sheets, and screws are requested from an HTH collaborator (78%).

TOTAL AMOUNT requested from outside collaborator $2,585.

TOTAL Donated:  $1530

Remaining amount needed:  $1055