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Retention Wall for Pastoral Family Home
Retention Wall for Pastoral Family Home
Retention Wall for Pastoral Family Home
Retention Wall for Pastoral Family Home

Retention Wall for Pastoral Family Home

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Date Submitted: November 2019

Solicitor: Pastoral Family, Church of the Open Arms, El Zapote

Location: El Zapote, Santa Cruz de Yojoa, Cortes, Honduras

Project Justification: The foundation around the perimeter of the pastoral family home is deteriorating, and thus putting the structure at risk for damage or collapse. The significant rains that fall during the rainy season are causing the ground around the home to erode. The pastoral family wishes to protect their property and ensure the stability of the foundation and the structure itself. This initiative will provide a retaining wall to address the erosion issues and secure the foundation.

Supervisor’s Note: we consider this to be an urgent need in order to avoid risk to the family and their property

Beneficiaries:    Pastor Medardo Canales, his wife, and family (6 people)


  • Beneficiaries: Skilled Labor, volunteer labor, rock for foundation (37% of required resources)
  • Local Church: fill material and 20 bags of cement (7% of required resources)
  • Outside Collaborator: construction materials and taxes (56% of required resources)

Total Amount Requested from Outside Donor: $4,533.63

Accountability Statement: The Heart to Honduras Honduran administrative office (CPH) works diligently to avoid paying the 15% Honduran sales tax on materials through a tedious exemption process. The current Honduran taxation system cannot guarantee this exemption prior to any purchase, and as a result this amount is included in the solicited amount listed with collaborative initiatives. If CPH does succeed in procuring an exemption or extra funds remain for any other reason following the execution of an initiative, surplus funds will be applied via internal policy to support future collaborative community initiatives, the administrative work of CPH, and the operational expenses of the Community Development Department.