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Restroom, Pila, Storage Shed - Las Lomitas
Restroom, Pila, Storage Shed - Las Lomitas

Restroom, Pila, Storage Shed - Las Lomitas

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Date submitted: April 4, 2019

Solicitor: Iglesia Brazos Abiertos (Church of the Open Arms), Las Lomitas

Location: Las Lomitas, Santa Cruz de Yojoa, Cortes, Honduras

Project Justification: The existing restroom is deteriorating and in bad condition; it was not well located on the property when it was first constructed. The church currently lacks a storage space, as well. We wish to better serve the members of our congregation and our friends who visit. The goal is to improve hygiene, and to make better use of our limited physical property. We plan to collect water to improve accessibility of this important resource, and to add a much-needed storage shed to better organize the materials of the church.

(Supervisor’s Notes: 1. Pastor Eduar and the congregation are motivated and enthusiastic about this project, which they have deemed a priority. They see it as a great opportunity to unite, increase their sense of local capacity, and work together to achieve this stated objective. 2. The original restroom was constructed in 2007 near a large tree, whose root system has subsequently disturbed the ground and caused the existing structure to begin to collapse. The leaders’ plan is to relocate the new restroom, pila, and storage room to a better location on the church property. In the future, they also hope to construct a classroom on the site of the current restroom in order to better serve the children of the congregation.)

Description: Included in this initiative are a restroom (toilet), a pila, and a storage shed. (Note: A pila is a simple concrete water storage basin with a washboard and a water source. These basins allow a family to practice basic hygiene, wash dishes and clothing, and maintain an adequate amount of water to weather common temporary water shortages. This particular community suffers frequent water shortages, much of which is due to the poor usage of water. Since many community members do not have adequate ways to store water, they often use five-gallon buckets with water piped directly into them. This situation causes constant overflows and wastes water. Appropriately maintained pilas also prevent mosquito breeding and insect-borne illness. A family’s health and well-being improves dramatically when they have a pila, and enhances their sense of dignity.)

Beneficiaries: Direct beneficiaries include the members of the church, members of the community who use the space for meetings and events, and visitors to the church.


The local church will provide unskilled labor, dig the hole for the septic system, provide the toilet, the door and frame and its installation, and provide rock (14% of needed resources).

The local community council (Patronato) will provide bags of cement (1% of needed resources).

The local municipal government will provide sand and cement block (9% of needed resources).

HTH Collaborators are invited to contribute toward the remaining construction materials and skilled labor (76% of needed resources).

Total amount requested from outside donor(s): $4767.45