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Pig Entrepreneurship Initiative

Pig Entrepreneurship Initiative

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Submitted: September 4th, 2018

Solicitor: First Fruits, Lands, and Wealth

Location: Borbotón

Project Justification: 

This project is necessary to generate employment, increase income, and incentivize and involve each and every partner and beneficiary with the entrepreneurial mentality. We hope to bring to the heart of each and every beneficiary the mentality of honoring God with their best.

Supervisor’s Note: An initiative such as this is very exciting to partner alongside. Agricultural entrepreneurship is a wonderful investment in the financial well-being of our Honduran brothers and sisters in Christ.

    Beneficiaries:  Who and how many will continually benefit from this project?

    Directly 16 families and 220 families indirectly.


    • The local municipal government will provide $760 in cement, sand and a part of the roofing materials needed to house pigs.
    • The beneficiary will provide $905 in construction materials for pig pens.
    • The local church will provide $3,020 in initial investment, construction materials and manual labor.
    • $7,355 for 16 pigs and their transportation are requested from an outside donor.

    TOTAL AMOUNT requested from outside donor $7,355.