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Kitchen for Mauro

Kitchen for Mauro

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Project Name: Kitchen for Mauro

Date Originally Submitted: May 26, 2014

Date Revised: February, 2019

Supervisor’s Note: due to the increased cost of materials and supplies, this project was re-quoted and resubmitted in early 2019. The local collaboration was re-assessed, as well. This is a worthy project that has gone unfunded for several years. We encourage our friends of the ministry to prayerfully consider collaboration. Thank you!

Name of Solicitor: Mauro Antonion Gomez Velasquez

Location of Project: Canchias, Meamber, Comayagua

Project Justification:

Mauro wishes to provide a more dignified and secure home for his family. The existing family home lacks a kitchen. Preparing food outdoors without basic equipment or food storage capability increases the risk of illness. Having a proper kitchen will allow the family to improve their overall health and to be able to enjoy preparing meals together.

Direct Beneficiaries:  

The Gomez family: Mauro (50), Leonza (48), Karen (27), Erika (21), and Emilson (8).

Supervisor’s Note: Mauro has worked for Heart to Honduras as a security guard for many years.

Indirect Beneficiaries:  

Family members and friends that visit.


  • The local church will provide 3 bags of cement (roughly 2% of total resources required).
  • The beneficiary family will provide labor, sand, and stone (25% of total resources required).
  • Remaining construction materials are requested from an outside donor (73% of total resources).

TOTAL AMOUNT requested from outside donor $2040.