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Incorporation for Brazos Abiertos

Incorporation for Brazos Abiertos

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September, 2019

Solicitor: Church of the Open Arms, El Zapote

Location: El Zapote, Santa Cruz de Yojoa, Cortes, Honduras

Justification/DescriptionHeart to Honduras’ relationship with the local church of Honduras has a long and winding history. For many of the past 30 years, HTH has been connected to local church bodies not only in a supportive, spiritual, and holistic manner, but also in a legal one. Through the decades, many churches have come under and departed this umbrella of legal covering, sometimes even in large enough numbers to begin separate entities. Many (though not all) local churches that we work with desire their own local incorporation, in order to allow for greater local autonomy and flexibility. Most of these bodies are larger and have been functioning for many years. In addition to this desire of the local churches, HTH does not wish to perform ecclasiastical functions in the life of these bodies, but instead to operate as a supportive parachurch organization alongside, yet not over them.  

At this point in time, the HTH administration together with the association of local churches currently under its auspices, have developed a solution that will allow for the healthiest possible future of HTH and the churches with which it works. Those larger churches that desire to incorporate into their own, legally-independent body, will have the opportunity to do so at this time. Some smaller churches that prefer to remain under the legal and administrative oversight of organization (in order to avoid both the costs and responsibilities incurred by being independent), will at this time incorporate into a separate ministry, headed by Pastor Medardo and the church of El Zapote. This ministry is known as the ministerial association, Brazos Abiertos. Churches that organize themselves into independent bodies must form independent boards that will be responsible for their direction, transparency, and oversight. Those seven churches that organize separately as Brazos Abiertos will form one board responsible for that organization. 

The participating churches in Brazos Abiertos include those from the following communities:

El Zapote

El Achiotal

El Olvido

Santa Cruz


Aguas de la Reina

Las Lomitas

Legal incorporation can be a costly endeavor, and those churches currently seeking legal and organizational independence are soliciting financial support through HTH. The Church in El Zapote seeks legal incorporation and invites collaboration.

The legal process involves two phases: 1. securing a “Personeria Juridica,” which is the governmental process for incorporation (4-8 months); 2. Presenting the request and supporting documentation to the government. Both phases have costs associated with them.


  • The Local Church will provide 26% of the necessary funding
  • The CPH office will provide administrative support for the process - 5% of needed resources.
  • An Outside Donor is invited to contribute the remaining 69%

Total Cost to an Outside Donor: $1551.06