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Home for Julia

Home for Julia

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Date submitted: January 2019

Solicitor: Pastor Alex Diaz, Iglesia Brazos Abiertos (Church of the Open Arms), Horconcitos

Location: Horconcitos, Zacapa, Santa Barbara, Cortes, Honduras

Project justification: Julia is a 62-year old single woman. Her current home, constructed from mixed materials, has a rotting foundation that is in danger of crumbling. The wooden portions of the home are very old and termite-infested. She is in need of a safe, secure, and dignified dwelling.

Description: This project will provide a comfortable, two-room home constructed from cement block and wood siding, with a metal roof, cement floors, and a porch.

Supervisor’s Note: this project was originally solicited in 2015, and has been in development the past four years. Julia’s son passed away in 2018. Prior to his passing, he had worked a small coffee field to support his mother. Julia currently struggles to obtain the resources she needs for daily life.

Beneficiaries: Julia Zuniga (directly) and her extended family and friends (indirectly)


The local church will provide bags of cement (2% of total resources needed).

The beneficiary family will provide cement, sheet metal, rocks, and skilled labor (mason) (11% of total resources needed).

The local government will provide bags of cement, sand, and cement blocks (11% of total resources needed).

HtH collaborators are invited to provide the remaining construction materials and skilled labor (carpenter) (76% of total resources needed).

Total requested from an outside donor: $3,459.00