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Home for Ingrid

Home for Ingrid

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Date Submitted: July 4th, 2018

Name of Solicitor: Open Arms Church, La Concepcion

Location of Project: Community of Las Flores, Santa Cruz de Yojoa

Project Justification: 

I am a single mother with 5 children. I do not have a living space of my own. I live in a house with an aunt and all my children. I do not have a job or a source of income which all makes it difficult for me to construct my own house.

General Objective: 

The construction of a living space to raise my children in a place that is dignified and safe to live.

Supervisor’s Note: Ingrid Milla has 5 children and is a single mother. Over the past two years she has lived with two men. The first man was killed and she suffered domestic abuse from the second. She only receives financial help for one of the children in the form of purchasing milk. To date she does not work and she has an aunt that is supporting her financially. In her situation it is difficult to construct a living space.  

Direct Beneficiaries:   

Ingrid Yamileth Milla Avila (24) Yensi Michell Bardales Milla (9), Elvin Exequiel Bordales Milla (8), Josue David Milla Avila (5) Kendal Yariel Mejia Milla (2)

6 people in total.


  • The municipal government will provide $250 worth of sand and cinder blocks.
  • The local church will provide $100 in cement.
  • The beneficiary family will provide $382 in cement, stone, paying a mason and assistant labor.
  • Wood and other building materials are requested from an outside donor.

TOTAL AMOUNT requested from outside donor $3,500