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Firefighters Equipment & Training
Firefighters Equipment & Training
Firefighters Equipment & Training
Firefighters Equipment & Training
Firefighters Equipment & Training

Firefighters Equipment & Training

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Submitted: July 16th, 2018

Solicitor: Second Lieutenant Zelaya

Location: Fire Station, Santa Cruz de Yojoa, Cortes, Honduras

Project Justification: 

The equipment currently used by this firefighting station is very old and difficult to replace. As a fire station that serves a fairly-large urban center and extensive surrounding rural areas, it is critical for this fire station to be well equipped for any emergency.

General Objective: 

Be a fire station that can attend to emergencies at the quickest response possible for the population. Be equipped with high quality tools.


90,000 inhabitants of 3 different municipalities in Honduras as emergencies occur.


  • The local municipal government will provide transportation from port of entry (San Pedro Sula or Puerto Cortes) to Santa Cruz.
  • The local Firefighters will provide personnel to retrieve donations from port of entry.
  • Any donated materials (new or used) from the following list are requested from an outside donor. Any qty of any of the following are appreciated, no need to fulfill all.
  • Also, any of the following Firefighter workshops listed below are requested from an outside collaborator to strengthen continuing education of the firefighters.

12, 2.5” Hoses

12, 1.5” hoses

1.5” Firehose nozzles (qty 4)

2.5 Firehose nozzles (qty 4)

20 Fireproof Jackets

20 Fireproof Firemen pants

20 pairs of boots

20 firemen hats

12 Sets of firemen respiratory protection

10 Respirator Kits

20 life jackets

2 Sets of vehicle extraction

6 first responder cots

2 AEDs

10 First Aid/responder bags

12 Portable radios for communication

12 Water Rescue Buoys

10 Climbing Ropes

And any other equipment related to the regular labor of a Fire Department. I.e. chairs, desks, computers, filing cabinets, etc.

Requested Training: Workshops for Fire Department Personnel on topics: First responders, extinguishing fires, vehicle extraction, forced entry, vertical extraction and others.