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Church Roof Replacement - El Sitio

Church Roof Replacement - El Sitio

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Submitted: August 2018

Solicitor: Local Church

Location: El Sitio, San Antonio de Cortes, Cortes, Honduras

Project Justification: the church building needs a new, higher roof. The existing roof is in bad repair, with breaks and holes in its structure. Currently the comfort and safety of persons inside the building is compromised. Moreover, we wish to improve the acoustics inside the church.

General Objective: we wish to have a fresh, safe, and more comfortable environment for all who visit and worship, and to improve the experience of our worship services

Beneficiaries: direct beneficiaries include the approximately 55 people who are members of the congregation; indirect beneficiaries include all who utilize the church building for a variety of activities and functions


The local church will provide skilled labor (welder) and wood. (10% of project resources)

The local church association will provide skilled labor (mason). (19% of project resources)

Heart to Honduras collaborators are invited to provide project materials. (71% of project resources)

Total amount requested from an outside donor: $4,444