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Church Floor

Church Floor

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Submitted: October 8th, 2018

Location: El Pedregal, La Cuesta, San Jeronimo

Project Justification: Why do you need the project?

The local church has been working extremely hard toward this desire to lay ceramic tile; it is a major goal for them.  Ceramic tile in this church would make the members have a greater sense of pride and ownership in their congregation and place of worship.

Beneficiaries:  Who and how many will continually benefit from this project?

The 45 members of the church as well as community members and guests. 



  • The pastoral family will provide ($75) in sand.
  • The local church will provide ($2,420) in ceramic and tile tools.
  • The local community will provide ($1,490) in skilled labor.
  • $785 in cement are requested from an outside donor.

TOTAL AMOUNT requested from outside donor $785.