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Roofs for 13 Homes
Roofs for 13 Homes
Roofs for 13 Homes
Roofs for 13 Homes
Roofs for 13 Homes

Roofs for 13 Homes

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Project: Roofs for Living Spaces

Submitted: 26 September, 2018

Location: The village of Aguas de la Reyna, Santa Cruz de Yojoa

Project Justification: Why do you need the project?

These families do not have all the economic resources to be able to replace the complete roof. The majority of the roofs have holes in them, they are broken, and very old.

Supervisor’s Note: Having an adequate roof in Honduras, especially during the rainy season, is an important necessity.

Beneficiaries:  Who and how many will continually benefit from this project?

13 families equivalent to 39 members between children and adults.


  • The local municipal government will provide ($215) in sheet metal.
  • The beneficiary will provide ($1,360) in wood and manual labor.
  • The local church will provide ($105) in screws.
  • $4,100 in materials like sheet metal and screws are requested from an outside donor.

TOTAL AMOUNT requested from outside donor $4,100.

$315 per household. 13 roofs total.