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11 Pilas - El Olvido
11 Pilas - El Olvido
11 Pilas - El Olvido

11 Pilas - El Olvido

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Submitted: October 2018

Solicitor: Iglesia Brazos Abiertos

Location: El Olvido, Santa Cruz de Yojoa, Cortes, Honduras

Project Justification: Many families in El Olvido struggle to collect and store adequate water supplies. The community is affected by frequent water shortages. The local pastor has worked with community leaders to collaborate with 11 families that currently do not have adequate water storage. Having a pila contributes to the family’s sense of dignity, as well as enhances their overall health and well-being.

Description: A pila is a family-sized cistern used widely across Honduras for storing water, washing clothes, bathing, washing dishes, and general home hygiene. They are made from concrete blocks and include an integrated washboard. Most families can build one in three days working with a mason.

Beneficiaries: This initiative will benefit 37 people in the following households:

  1. Miguel Cruz
  2. Olga Delcid
  3. Yolanda Dominguez
  4. Mirian Delcid
  5. Ana Inestroza
  6. Blanca Marquez
  7. Maria Redondo
  8. Pastor Aguilar
  9. Ingrid Rodriguez
  10. Nicomedes Inestroza
  11. Angela Delcid


  • The Community Water Board will provide eleven bags of cement (3% of resources).
  • The Local Church will provide five bags of cement (2% of resources).
  • The Municipal Government will provide all sand and block (20% of resources).
  • Beneficiary Families will provide all labor, including payment of masons, stone, and eleven bags of cement (41% of resources).
  • HTH Collaborators are asked to provide funds for the purchase of the remaining cement, rebar, washboards, pipes, and other materials (34% of resources).

  • Total amount requested from an outside donor: $1065