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Together, six feet apart.

Throughout the month of August, you can can gather your small group, your family, or some friends to join in a simple but very meaningful event of STANDING TOGETHER (six feet apart)! Our goal is to have at least one person representing each of the 1573 kilometers between our stateside and Honduran offices, standing for five minutes in solidarity and prayer.    

For those of you meeting in person, this is a wonderful before-or-after-church activity. We know that the images of your parking lots and church properties lined with those who love this ministry will be a powerful encouragement to our Honduran communities.

Contact us at for more information. We'll provide a special gift for each participant, a detailed prayer guide, and instructions on how to share pictures and testimonies of our togetherness.

You can also join the event on Facebook to receive news and updates from others who are STANDING TOGETHER.