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Capacity & Collaboration

When we consider the people of Honduras, we do not approach the issues that plague them – instead we approach them, the people. Poverty is not a simple, one-sided, mathematical equation to be solved by well-meaning economists, politicians, non-profits, or churches. Poverty is something that we carry within each of us. We are all poor - entangled in broken relationships with our God, our own selves, the people of this world, and even the world itself. So when we draw near to our Honduran neighbors, we do so not as savior but as brother, sister, friend, and partner.

Community Development

Based on this understanding, HTH invests its resources primarily in collaborative community development initiatives and leadership formation. Through our Department of Community Development, we partner with Hondurans in their own development efforts. Walking alongside small villages we together develop a network of healthy relationships with the local government, churches, community councils, landowners, and other strategic organizations. With a firm recognition of local resources and a strong local support network, these empowered communities have steadily increased their involvement over the years. As recently as 2011, nearly 100% of project resources were provided by international support through HtH. At the end of 2017, our Honduran partners provided fully 42% of total resources. As we make ourselves smaller, as we empower and believe in our Honduran brothers and sisters, as we together hope in the God of all resources, transformation occurs.

In three of these communities (Las Lomitas, Lomas del Aguila, and Caliche), we are currently piloting a new program, Communities of Holistic Impact, that weaves together leadership formation and collaborative holistic development. This long-term initiative aims to reconcile broken relationships in each community in a profound way. These communities have committed themselves to seeking a balanced development – intellectually, spiritually, socially, and materially. We will walk with them through theory and practice as they become their own development experts – learning their legal rights and responsibilities, financial and environmental stewardship, strategic planning, conflict resolution, local resources, and sustainable development principles.

Communities of Holistic Impact:

The communities of Caliche, Lomas del Aguila, and Las Lomitas were the sites of the pilot Communities of Holistic Impact program (COHI) from 2018-2020. See in-depth updates on the communities and programs here:

COHI 2018
Launch - February 2018
Community Mapping
Community Unity Camp
Community organizations and their Leadership
Local Resources and Histories



COHI 2020

Recognizing Leadership Potential

Knowing that a prosperous  Honduran future rests in the hands of local leaders, our Campamento Extremo Internacional (International Extreme Camp) in Santa Elena works primarily with the youth of Honduras to recognize their incredible potential and importance in the future of their country and communities. Under HTH’s local Honduran leadership and direction, the program has flourished and prospered. In 2017, more than 3,400 Honduran youth participated in the camp - each one a potential future leader capable of catalyzing real change in their communities.

Investing deeply in the lives of local teens, the HTH Soccer with Values program serves as a platform for ongoing leadership development through community soccer teams.  Local adult leaders are trained in technical aspects of coaching and are given the tools to serve as role models and mentors for the members of their teams.  Young people most at risk for gang participation and other forms of violence are instead being trained up as future leaders, full of hope and purpose.