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LEARN Together trailer from Heart to Honduras on Vimeo.


This simple virtual opportunity is designed to further your knowledge and understanding of Honduras, its people, and its culture while sharing the ways that the ministry of Heart to Honduras works in this context. Hear from our staff, be inspired by impact, experience life in our communities, and even learn to cook! We look forward to the opportunity to help you connect live with a Honduran community, too. Learn with us here as we remain: JUNTOS + TOGETHER! 

Download PDF to read more about the LEARN+ experience.

LEARN+ Modules

Module 1: CPHTH Vision, Mission, & 2020 Realities


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Module 2: Asset-Based Community Development 

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Module 3: Leadership Development 

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Module 4: A Day in the Life of Honduras 

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Module 5: Honduran History and Culture (Coming October 30)