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MEET | Kaleb Eldridge

Kaleb’s lifelong love for our world and its people sprouted and grew in the beautiful foothills of his native Appalachia. These roots deepened throughout his time in college as he volunteered at a youth detention center, traveled to Haiti, and worked as an EMT. His world changed forever when he met his wife, Stacey, who was concurrently committed to loving in an empowering and sacrificial way. Together they strengthened their resolve to serve among those that find themselves disempowered, abandoned, and forgotten.

Every day for Kaleb starts with milking the family goats and tending to their small homestead in the mountain village of Las Lomitas, Honduras, where they have lived since 2012. Together with Stacey, he works to support the local church and community council, facilitate HTH’s community development efforts, and develop new ways to catalyze holistic, grassroots development in the surrounding area.  

Kaleb believes deeply in the power of restoration, our call to sacrificial love, the need to engage our minds as well as our hearts in development work, and the tremendous capacity of the Honduran people.

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