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 The Wulf Family

One of the beautiful things that makes HTH unique is the way that it has brought families together, strengthening their sense of shared purpose and vision for three decades.  

Dr. Bill Wulf recently shared,

Taking our four daughters to Honduras over many years impacted their lives as much as anything I could have done for and with them...

He echoes the sentiments of many parents who share over and over how involvement with the ministry has profoundly shaped their children--in their relationship with the Lord, the understanding of the world, and even their career paths and life choices.  

Your family can be transformed too!

Here are some practical ways that we can partner to encourage and strengthen your family!

  • Learn about Honduras together. Study the geography, history, and culture. Enjoy photos and videos of the country's beauty. Learn Spanish phrases. Make pupusas.
  • Pray for the Campamento Extremo Internacional and the 6,000+ young people that it impacts each year. Pray for Marvin Paz, the camp director, his wife, Jeny, and their beautiful son, Juan Marcos. Pray that God will guard the young people who are at risk to drugs, gangs, and the holistic pain of poverty. Pray that God will raise up leaders who will continue to transform their families, communities, and the country of Honduras.  
  • Help fund an initiative. Have a lemonade stand or a garage sale. $38 will buy school supplies for a child in Santa Rita. Or check out our other initiatives.
  • Travel to Honduras. Learn and serve with us. Contact for more information.