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Where Our Heart Is

Since 1989, Heart to Honduras has collaborated and served with the people of the Lake Yojoa region in rural Honduras.  Thirty years ago, Charlie Smith founded the mission based on a vision to serve the materially poor through the local church.  Through this journey, HTH has learned and grown in our understanding of the complexity and joy of developing thriving communities and forming healthy Honduran leaders by the power and through the grace of our Lord Jesus.   

Our vision: to form disciples who will transform their world.

Our mission: to foster thriving Honduran communities by developing the gifts and capacities of visionary, engaged, local leaders.

Our core values:  integrity, transparency, healthy relationships, collaboration, asset-based community development, capacity creation, identity in Christ, and human dignity.

The HTH Distinctive

We pursue collaboration. We believe in the potential of people working together to change the world. We work at cultivating relationships and collaborative partnerships that will join us in developing healthy, thriving Honduran communities.

We work and serve holistically. We strive to improve the health and vitality of the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. Through specific transformative initiatives such as clean water, access to healthcare, dignified housing, sufficient infrastructure, micro-business opportunities, quality education, vibrant churches, visionary leadership, healthy family and community relationships our goal is to establish thriving communities.

We understand poverty differently. We understand poverty to be fundamentally about broken relationships, not a relative lack of material resources. We seek to transform relationships in four key areas: with God, with self, with others, and with the Creation. We desire that both Honduran and Stateside partners overcome the poverty inherent in their lives.

We create capacity in others. We instill confidence in the Honduran people so they are equipped to address the challenges they face. We empower them to be the heroes of their own story rather than perpetuate an unhealthy dependency on others to rescue them.

We love with abandon and inclusion. Believing Jesus Christ to be the embodiment of God’s transforming love we approach every person, every community, every challenge, every struggle as he would, with an unconditioned love. We welcome everyone as children of God, each with our unique gifts and differences.