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JOIN | A Traveling Team

We are deeply committed to cross-cultural learning and building relationships with our Honduran brothers and sisters. People want to be seen and known, not just served. When you extend the hand of friendship to others, you offer a profound gift. We invite you to come with us to Honduras and invest yourself, along with your time and resources. Your Honduran neighbors are eager to receive you as a friend and collaborator.


Our short-term teams prioritize relationships. We will help plan lots of great relational activities for your group. Your team may also choose to collaborate on one of our many initiatives. If so, you need to know that . . .

  1. All initiatives include extensive local collaboration and are properly vetted
  2. You’re not doing the work for the Hondurans; you’re doing it with them
  3. Projects become one means among many for cultivating relationships


Pastor Fredy Martinez has articulated two “golden rules” for traveling teams:

  1. Don’t do anything that has not originated in the heart of God and the heart of the local community
  2. Don’t do anything for the Honduran people that they can do themselves

We realize that North Americans desire to “make a difference” through their international efforts. We celebrate the mutuality of our transformational work. Prepare to be transformed yourself, and expect that your team members will return home motivated to be more authentic agents of transformation in their homes, schools, workplaces, and communities.


For more information, or to inquire about joining a team or scheduling a trip, contact Elizabeth.

From a traveling team leader:

“My trip to Honduras was life changing. I went to Honduras to be a blessing and to help and impact the communities, but the tables were turned I came home blessed, my life was changed and the Hondurans impacted my life. The Honduran people have my heart.”
~ Julie Whetstone, Boston Stoker Coffee Co.