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Our partners are as unique and varied as the specific work we undertake. Heart to Honduras collaborates with churches, small businesses, other non-profits, a collegiate fraternal organization, and colleges and universities. We are a Christ-centered ministry, working non-denominationally. Read our Statement of Faith.

We seek partners who share our core values and commitments to work toward healthy, holistic, sustainable transformation. Read our partner profile.

Many partners enter into a focused relationship with one particular Honduran community. The primary interface is the local church. Honduran pastors and their leaders work closely with village leadership councils in order to dream and plan together for the healthy development of the whole community. Partners pursue the opportunity to build meaningful, enduring relationships with the Honduran people, and to walk in solidarity, as they become the heroes of their own stories. Through ongoing prayers, consistent communication, and regular visits, you learn about one another and your cultures, and become like family. This mutuality profoundly impacts everyone as you strengthen and encourage one another. We see tangible evidence that these focused relationships bring about holistic, sustainable results in these local communities. Our partners also testify that they become healthier agents of transformation in their stateside communities, as well.

We refer to these focused relationships as Partners in Transformation. It’s really a web of relationships that include the stateside entity, local Honduran church and community, local and municipal Honduran government, other non-profits operating in Honduras, and other Honduran entities, such as local schools, healthcare facilities, and more. Stateside partners who enter into this focused relationship agree to our Covenant of Expectations.