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Vehicle for Corazon Para Honduras
Vehicle for Corazon Para Honduras

Vehicle for Corazon Para Honduras

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Date Submitted: February, 2019

Solicitor: Corazón Para Honduras (CPH) (the Honduras Office of Heart to Honduras)

Location: Santa Elena, Santa Cruz de Yojoa, Cortes, Honduras

Project Justification: The current vehicle assigned to the Community Development Staff (as part of our vehicle fleet) is a 2002 model. It was purchased used, and our Staff has put significant miles on it over extremely rough terrain during a six-year period. Our Staff uses this vehicle on a daily basis, carrying out their work in the roughly 23 communities in which we serve. Many of these communities are only accessible via unpaved and unmaintained, mountainous roads. At this point in time, we are investing a significant amount of money in the maintenance of the current vehicle, and it has simply exhausted its usable life. We need to replace it in order to be good stewards of our financial resources and for the safety and security of our Staff as they drive long distances in their daily work in the ministry.

Project Description:  CPH is seeking to purchase a Toyota Hilux truck, which we believe is the ideal vehicle to navigate the rough, and at times treacherous terrain in the areas in which we serve.

Supervisor's Note: the first photo shows Staff member Pastor Fredy Martinez with the current vehicle. The second photo shows an example of the Toyota Hilux that they seek to purchase.

Direct Beneficiaries: 4-5 Staff members within the department of Community Development, CPH

Indirect Beneficiaries:  Residents, pastors, and leaders, of the 23 communities (4 Municipalities – “counties”) that we serve through our ministry of Asset-based Community Development.


The CPH Office will provide 47% of the total requested resources.

The local church in La Concepcion will provide 0.5% of the total requested resources.

The remaining resources (52.5%) are requested from outside donor(s).

Total Amount Requested from an Outside Donor:   $13,700