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Dental Chair for Clinic

Dental Chair for Clinic

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Date Submitted: November, 2018

Location: Dental Health Clinic “Francisco Bertrand” Santa Cruz de Yojoa

Purpose: To equip the local dental clinic to cover dental needs of the greater Santa Cruz de Yojoa area (approximately 54,197 people). With our current chair we can provide basic dental services like teeth cleaning, removal and fluoride treatment for kids. With a new chair we will be able to do the basic treatments plus: obstructions, plugs, profilaxis, surgeries, ultrasound, preventative fissure treatments and cavity fillings.

Justification: The area is made up of many low income families which makes it hard for them to pay for private dental care, therefore our municipal dental clinic is in high demand. We charge a low rate for consult and treatment and have worked to become sustainable via this income. After the initial purchase of this dental chair the income from the clinic will be able to cover maintenance expenses and other dental needs. The current chair is 20 years old. The local doctors who work in this clinic are volunteers providing a social service.


The municipality is covering ¼ of the total cost of the chair

The local clinic is covering ¼ of the cost of the chair.

½ of the cost of the new dental chair is requested from an outside donor.

Total requested: $1,723