The HtH Difference
Americans are the most generous people in the world, especially during a crisis. Even still, poverty continues to exist no matter the amount of life-saving assistance given. In third world countries, generosity from outside sources can promote dependency and ultimately diminish the entrepreneurial spirit of struggling people. Heart to Honduras has explored this phenomenon. In an effort to continue caring for the people of Honduras while also desiring healthy long-term results for them, we are resolved to make a difference in a different way. Our mission and our method reflect our heart as well as our resolve.

Our Mission

The mission of Heart to Honduras is forming disciples who transform their world. We accomplish our mission by….
·     Being catalysts, facilitators and connectors rather than caregivers.
·     Encouraging production from Hondurans while also providing partnership with them.
·     Allowing Hondurans to assess their own greatest needs. This assessment is primarily done by Honduran pastors and their local churches.
·     Connecting Honduran needs with generous resources.
·     Investing those resources to create healthy, self-sustaining communities which are equipped to share the gospel of Christ.

Our Method

Certainly, Heart to Honduras does not have all the solutions to cure poverty. We do, however, have three primary means of creating conditions that are ripe for spiritual discipleship, community development and healthy relationships with American partners.
1. Leadership Training
Honduran pastors are pivotal in their communities; therefore we are committed to investing in pastors and church leaders. Heart to Honduras provides theological studies, discipleship building and leadership training for local pastors. Well-equipped pastors are better able to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. They also cast hope-filled vision for their congregations and communities.  Honduran pastors become catalysts for change and conduits for inspiration, pointing people to hope in Christ.
2. Community Development
Heart to Honduras Community Development focuses on chronically disadvantaged people and the places they live. Local Hondurans collaborate with Heart to Honduras, community churches, Honduran officials and North American partners to assess their own needs and accomplish their own goals. Local residents and local government are the first investors in HTH approved projects.  We encourage them to utilize existing local resources and assets. Our mission is to tap into the great ingenuity and capability of the Honduran people, develop that ingenuity and build upon it for lasting effects.
3. American Partnerships
North American partner entities are vital to the long-term success of churches and communities in Honduras. U.S. churches, businesses, or other non-profits are paired with Honduran church and community leaders in a long-term covenant relationship which facilitates the healthiest and deepest forms of change. Training is provided for all involved. Honduran pastors and community leaders are trained to work through proper channels, submit needs to the HTH Development Team for approval and elicit local support and resources to meet the need. North American organizations are trained to listen to Honduran led needs, and come alongside as necessary. All entities are encouraged to raise awareness of needs to their members and connect their members to the opportunities. This partnership promotes shared responsibility, mutual respect and support, as well as accountability.

Heart to Honduras
president, Randy Bargerstock says, “Helping is about walking alongside people, not trying to do everything for them. We want to show people how to develop themselves based on what they already have. Healthy communities come about when people believe in their potential rather than focus on their obstacles.” Heart to Honduras is not simply facilitating housing construction, water projects, or infrastructure setup. We are making a difference through relationships. We are forming disciples who transform their world. This is our heart - our Heart to Honduras.