Sister Church Partners

Heart to Honduras carries out much of its work through Sister Church partnerships. We match a North American church with a Central American church in our networks with the expectation that they will develop a long-term, intentional relationship. Transformational development  is the goal of these committed relationships. Our hope is that these church partners will work together over time to pursue God’s vision for the holistic transformation of the Central American community. In time, the North American support can decrease as the Central Americans become increasingly empowered and equipped to be the heroes of their own story. Once thriving communities are established in Central America, the long-term goal can be purely relational. Liberation from the oppressive forces of poverty and injustice is what we pray and work for. Together with us, your church can be a transformational agent in God’s mission in the world.

Simply put, the Sister Church initiative matches North American congregations with Central American congregations in ongoing partnerships to expand the Kingdom of God. The Central American pastors and leaders work with the leaders of their communities – village council, water committee, school administrators and teachers, and others to develop vision and strategy that will lead to transformation. Those words may convey the purpose of the program, but they cannot express the depth and power of the partnerships. The Sister Church initiative enables two congregations/communities from very different countries and cultures to develop a strong and lasting relationship. This relationship is formed and strengthened through mutual prayers, physical and financial support, formational initiatives, and intentional times of sharing in work, play, worship, and fellowship. Mutual learning, cultural understanding, and mutual encouragement are at the heart of these powerful relationships. Developing a Sister Church relationship promotes moving past praying for “the people of Central America” to praying for individuals you know and love deeply. The passing years provide many opportunities for each church to watch the other live, grow and develop – sharing victories and struggles, worries, and successes. The relationship changes not only the church in Central America, but also in North America. As the two churches walk through life together, they find that they are blessed, challenged and encouraged to become the disciples, leaders, church and community God wants them to be.

The Sister Church partner initiative is one beautiful way that Heart to Honduras works to form disciples who will transform their world.

We enjoy the ecumenical nature of our partnerships, and gratefully work with churches from all denominations; congregations large, small and in-between. Currently, several of our Sister Churches partner with other churches in their local North American community to share a partnership with one or more Central American churches. This shared partnership model is gaining traction and proving to be quite fruitful and exciting, both in Central America and in their local communities as they engage in outreach and missional emphases locally together.

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For more information please contact Heart to Honduras’ Developer of Formational Relationships, Elizabeth Wourms.

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