Register for a trip
We are so excited that you have chosen to travel to Honduras with us! We fully believe that God is already at work in this beautiful country and that your presence can help Heart to Honduras fulfill our mission of... forming disciples who will transform their world! We hope and pray that not only our Honduran friends grow and form, but you as well! We are praying for you as you begin this adventure. Be ready for God to open your eyes to new realities as you prepare for your trip, while you are in Honduras, and once you return.

Use the link below to register for your trip. As you answer these important questions please pay attention to formatting requests and make sure you have your passport ready! 

At the end of the registration process you'll be brought back to a new page on the Heart to Honduras website. This page has important information on what to pack, what to expect, where the ministry is located, and more. It is a must read for everyone traveling with Heart to Honduras!

Finally, please note the following two pieces of information that pertain to some of you:
  1. If bringing a minor (younger than 18) you MUST fill out a Parental Consent Form (available on our website). TSA and airport officials might ask to  see this consent form when you are attempting to leave the country. The form MUST be signed AND notarized by both legal guardians. These forms can be obtained on the page after you register.
  2. Health Care Professionals must provide copies of Diploma, License and Curriculum Vitae to your Team Leader.