Become a Partner
We believe in the power of synergy – working together to achieve more through partnership than any one entity could ever accomplish alone. We seek to cultivate a wide variety of partner relationships, and have a firm commitment to mutuality in those relationships. As iron sharpens iron, we invite our partners to help us learn, grow, and re-tool even as we roll up our sleeves in the shared work of our common mission. Our partners can expect that we will seek ways to bless and encourage them, as well – our commitment to intentionally invest in them.

Many ways exist to become a partner with Heart to Honduras. We invite you to consider any and all of them:

Partner with us in Prayer

Partner with us by sharing your Resources

Partner with us through traveling to Honduras

Partner with us as a Sister Church

Partner with us as a Strategic Partner

Partner with us as a Corporate Partner

Partner with us as a Non-profit Organization doing similar work in Central America