Our Vision and Mission

The vision of Heart to Honduras is rooted in the two dimensions given by God to each of us in the moment of creation … our only real identity as children of God, and our only true vocation to care for each other and the world God entrusted to us.

Disciple formation calls us to remember who we are and live out of our only real identity.

Transformational development is the active work of loving, caring, sharing, and empowering each other to discover the fullness of life and the incredible strength and resources that have already been given to us.

Some words that describe the character of our work and mission include: Christ-centered, holistic, collaborative, healthy, compassionate, equipping, empowering and engaging. We recognize that the work of transformation is often slow and incremental. Our hope is not in quick solutions but in the abiding presence and work of God among us.

Understanding both what God calls us to beand do we affirm that . . .

. . . the vision of Heart to Honduras is to form disciples who will transform their world.

. . . the specific mission of Heart to Honduras is to foster thriving Honduran communities by partnering to develop the gifts and capacities of visionary, engaged, local leaders.

. . . the core values of Heart to Honduras that guide the way we fulfill our mission are integrity, transparency, healthy relationships, collaboration, asset-based community development, capacity creation, identity in Christ, and human dignity.

To that end we welcome partners from across North and Central America who will work hand-in-hand with us . . . praying, traveling, giving, encouraging, advising, serving, loving . . . to fulfill this vision and mission.

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