House for Maria Mendoza

Project: House construction

Submitted: March 2016

Solicitor: Maria Celia Mendoza Jovel

Location: Roberto Pineda Neighborhood of Santa Cruz de Yojoa, Cortes


Project Justification: Why do you need the project?

Maria Mendoza is a single mother of three with a low income. They live in their current home due to economic constraints that have not allowed them to improve their living conditions.


That this family might have a dignified home and better living conditions. That they might be encouraged by working together with their municipal government and Heart to Honduras.

DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES: How are you planning to execute the project?

  1. Assure that all legal documents are in order.

  2. Socialize (explain and present) this project with: Municipality and HTH

  3. Utilize local resources like: Block, stone, sand, helpers and labor.

  4. Seek the support of: Municipality, beneficiary family and HTH

  5. The project will be executed under the supervision of the Department of Community Development.

Beneficiaries: Who and how many will continually benefit from this project?

Four people total. Celia Mendoza (45) and her three children Keyla (12), Isaac (5), and German (2).

Supervisor’s Note: Celia has expressed that her domestic partner German Castellanos is very unstable and infrequently spends time at the home, but that when he is at the residence, he does assist financially. German works as an agricultural day laborer and contributes about $100/month to the family.


  • The municipal government will provide sand and block ($250).
  • The beneficiary will provide stone, assistant labor and mason’s labor ($240).
  • The local church will collaborate in the demolition of existing structures and construction of the new ones. They will also store materials at the church for safe-keeping throughout the process ($50).
  • The remaining materials and carpenter’s labor are requested from a Heart to Honduras donor.

Total amount requested from outside donor $2720