House for Flavia
Project: House for Flavia
Submitted: November 2017
Solicitor: Local Church - Open Arms to Love and Restore

Location: El Bambu, Santa Cruz de Yojoa, Cortes, Honduras

Project Justification: Why do you need the project?

Flavia (80) does not have a dignified place to live out her last days in peace.

Supervisor’s Note: Flavia lost her husband 3 years ago, and is currently living in a rough wooden shack. She is provided for by two of her daughters that live nearby, but they are not able to build a suitable home at this time due to their difficult economic situation.

General Objective: What do you hope to achieve with the project?

To improve the quality of the life that God has given her.

Beneficiaries:  Who and how many will continually benefit from this project?

Flavia Domitila Garcia (84). Her daughter Keydi (24) also spends the night with her mother to attend to any needs that she might have.


  1. The local municipal government will provide sand and blocks ($260).

  2. The beneficiary will provide masonry, part of the labor, and stone ($220).

  3. The local church will provide 10 bags of cement ($100).

  4. Remaining construction materials and carpentry labor are requested from an outside donor ($3360).

TOTAL AMOUNT requested from outside donor: $3360

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