Field Worker's Manual

Heart to Honduras’ Fieldworker's Manual is a valuable tool, which has been reworked into an interactive digital presentation known as a Prezi. Your trip will be filled with new experiences and lots of questions. The presentation, found below, is a great first step in answering many of your questions:

  1. What should I pack?
  2. What kind of food will I eat?
  3. Do I need to get vaccines before I travel?
  4. What are the restroom facilities like?
  5. What is the weather like in Central America?
  6. How can my spouse contact me if there is an emergency while I’m away?

Everyone who signs up to travel with Heart to Honduras should take the time to work through the following presentation

The Prezi below is like a PowerPoint but interactive! You may view any area of the presentation at anytime or follow through, learning about different aspects of Heart to Honduras and your upcoming trip by simply clicking the forward and backward buttons. We hope you enjoy and learn!


If you have a question that isn’t answered by the booklet, please contact your team leader or the Heart to Honduras office.