Develop Communities

We believe that healthy change is often slow and requires great patience. We never assume that we have the best answer or the quick solution for the challenges that others face. We are first listeners to the cries of God’s children and then walk together with them seeking a shared vision and solution.

Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) – we pursue a model of caring for others that calls forth the gifts and resources of the entire community in order to address a particular problem or challenge. 

Create Capacitywe empower and equip local leaders so that they become the champions of transformation in their families and communities. We work to reduce all forms of prolonged dependency on external support and resources.

Education and Training - we expand awareness and understanding believing that knowledge creates greater opportunity and sets people free from the forces that oppress them.

Infrastructure – we build houses, churches, bridges, schools; create clean water sources; address community issues i.e. drainage, safety, recreation; and much more.

Healthcare - we respond to the particular health needs of the communities with which we work.