Camp Obstacle Course

Project: Obstacle Course Improvements – CEI 

Date Submitted: 4/26/2015
Name of Solicitor: CEI Camp Director Marvin Flores
Location of Project: HTH Camp, Santa Elena

Project Justification: Why do you need the project?

The International Extreme Camp is a place where we attend to many young people from different churches, schools, and institutions, and our obstacle course is currently in poor condition.

General Objective: What do you hope to achieve with the project?

Improved attention, security, and service to the young people that visit our camp.

Supervisor’s Note: The obstacle course includes approximately 10 different activities that utilize lumber, rope, wire, tires, concrete, and other materials.

Beneficiaries:  Who and how many will continually benefit from this project?

Approximately 4,000 young people that visit us every year.


  1. The local mayor will provide sand ($120).
  2. HTH will provide all labor ($545).

Total requested from an outside donor: $3490