What We Do

Form Disciples

We believe that everything begins with the calling and forming of disciple leaders who serve as catalysts for Kingdom change in their communities. If we don’t get this part right then everything else we do is rather superficial and short-lived. When Jesus calls us to “follow him” his expectation is that the lives we live will transform the world.

Develop Communities

We believe that healthy change is often slow and requires great patience. We never assume that we have the best answer or the quick solution for the challenges that others face. We are first listeners to the cries of God’s children and then walk together with them seeking a shared vision and solution.

Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) – we pursue a model of caring for others that calls forth the gifts and resources of the entire community in order to address a particular problem or challenge.

Create Capacity - we empower and equip local leaders so that they become the champions of transformation in their families and communities. We work to reduce all forms of prolonged dependency on external support and resources.

Education and Training - we expand awareness and understanding believing that knowledge creates greater opportunity and sets people free from the forces that oppress them.

Infrastructurewe build houses, churches, bridges, schools; create clean water sources; address community issues i.e. drainage, safety, recreation; and much more.

Healthcare - we respond to the particular health needs of the communities with which we work.

Cross Cultures

We believe that best way to experience the transforming work of God is to simply go and be part of it. Travel with us to Central America and know the people and culture. Open your eyes, ears, and heart to the beauty and wonder of God’s world.

Seek Partners

We believe that nothing can be done alone so we are always seeking like-hearted people who will join us in the joy and challenge of making a difference.

Supportive Partners – persons committed to faithfully pray and give

Sister Church Partners – churches committed to a deeper personal relationship with a particular church and community in Central America

Strategic Partner – churches or organizations fully committed to the overall work of Heart to Honduras as well as to a particular community

Corporate Partners - business organizations or ministries that join forces with us to foster greater impact

Reach Next-Gen

We believe that now is the time to reach and equip the next generation of Christ followers to be agents of change. A beautiful camp setting in the center of Honduras provides the setting for both Honduran and North American young disciples to begin a journey that will transform their story and that of their families, schools, and communities.