School Roof and Electric

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View Finished Project PDF: LOCATION: San Isidro, Santa Cruz de Yojoa, Cortes, Honduras.

BENEFICIARY(S): Students and staff of the school – Escuela Rural Mixta Jose Trinidad Reyes

BENEFICIARY INFORMATION: In total 189 students, 6 teachers, and one librarian are now benefitting from the new roof at the school. The students represent 146 families in the community of San Isidro.

PROJECT INFORMATION: Via connections with staff of Heart to Honduras, the director and teachers at the elementary school of San Isidro contacted the Department of Community Development with a solicitation seeking support for the replacement of the school roof. The old roof was made of asbestos, which can potentially cause fatal lung disease, and was in an advanced state of deterioration. The need for a new roof was apparent. Holes in the roof were so large that pigeons could easily pass through and defecate in the school room. The school staff was very collaborative and contributed more than $2000 in materials in addition to seeking the assistance of various organizations. Welders that live in the community provided the professional labor free of charge, as the parents and students worked in the general labor. The rest of the materials requested in the original budget of ~$8000 was provided by local Honduran donors. The hardware store where the purchase was made also contributed by providing 10 C-channels free of charge.


Community: Materials and Labor (~$3,500)

Hardware Store: 10 C-Channels (~$170)

Local Donors:  Construction materials (~$6,800)

US Donors: Construction materials (~$1,300)


School Roof San Isidro Summary

Donated Amount

Lempira - 28,288.44  Dollars - $1,350.00

Administrative Costs (10%)

Lempira - 2,828.84  Dollars - $135.00

Supervision Costs (5%)

Lempira - 1,272.98  Dollars - $60.75

Project Cost

Lempira - 26,014.71  Dollars - $1,241.49

Total Surplus

Lempira -1,828.09  Dollars -$87.24