Heart to Honduras is a ministry that lives up to its name. Our founder, Charlie Smith, never got around to becoming fluent in Spanish, but he was fluent in love, and his passion spoke volumes. He poured out his love — and his life — in the name of his Honduran brothers and sisters, and was buried in his adopted home country. Charlie’s passion lives on in those who carry his legacy today. Honduras is a nation of more than seven million, with vast potential. Yet many live in backbreaking rural poverty. Many more are in need of the hope and purpose that only the gospel can provide. Yet in its people, Honduras has one of the greatest natural resources. That’s why Heart to Honduras was founded — to connect and empower Honduran pastors and create a sustainable model for community development in the name of Jesus. Today Heart to Honduras stands poised on the edge of vastly greater impact — with the programs in place to reach more pastors, improve more villages, transform more hearts than ever before. But we can’t do it alone. It’s time for North American Christians — people who share Charlie Smith’s heart for the poor — to stand with us, support us, and obey Christ’s mandate to care for the “least of these.” It’s time to send your heart to Honduras.

Heart to Honduras' goal is to make disciples and assist those in need.

Making disciples and assisting those in need since 1989.
Heart to Honduras
PO Box 38
Xenia, Ohio 45385
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