12 pilas santa cruz

Official Project Solicitation

Department of Community Development

Project Name: 12 Pilas

Date Submitted: October 2015

Name of Solicitor: Local Church Rock of Salvation (Roca de Salvacion)

Location of Project: Colonia Roberto Pineda, Santa Cruz de Yojoa, Cortes

Project Justification: Why do you need the project?

We have water shortages in our town, much of which is due to the poor usage of water. Since many of our community members do not have adequate way to store water, they often use five-gallon buckets with water piped directly into them. This causes constant overflows and wastes water.

Supervisor’s Note: A pila is a simple concrete water storage basin. These basins allow a family to practice basic hygiene, wash dishes, and maintain an adequate amount of water to weather common temporary water shortages.

General Objective: What do you hope to achieve with the project?

Save water. Avoid spilling and wasting water. Prevent mosquito breeding and insect-borne illness with the training and materials provided by the Ministry of Health.

Development Strategies How are you planning to execute the project?

  1. Assure that all legal documents are in order.

  2. Socialize (explain and present) this project with: Beneficiaries, municipality, local water council, and HTH.

  3. Utilize local resources like: Labor, cement, mason, stone, sand and concrete block.

  4. Seek the support of: Mayor and local church

  5. The project will be executed under the supervision of the Department of Community Development

Beneficiaries: Who and how many will continually benefit from this project?

12 families (~60 people)


  • The municipal government will provide sand and block ($660.)

  • The beneficiaries will provide mason and assistant labor (half) in addition to stone for the foundation ($990).

  • The local church will provide half of the assistant’s labor ($90).

  • Remaining construction materials (cement, pipe, rebar, etc) are requested from an outside donor.

TOTAL AMOUNT requested from outside donor $1230